An Anecdote

Sharon, our house-mom is 65 years old. It’s her second year working as a house-mom in a sorority house. Originally, we thought the woman had no idea what the hell was going on. When you talk to her, she sounds like she has the brain capacity of an 80 year old, and is more concerned with making sure the living room is clean than anyone I’ve ever met. This is the reason that we’ve had no qualms with breaking house rules. We illegally pregame in our bedrooms, don’t censor a word in front of her, and continuously bring boys back to the house. But over the past year, we’ve learned that it’s not that Sharon doesn’t know what’s going on, it’s that she actually turns a blind eye.

Yesterday was my best friend’s 21st birthday. At 9:30 pm, we went downstairs to the kitchen to get orange juice for the pregame that was being held in my bedroom. To my disspaoinment, I opened the fridge and only found a sip left of OJ in the carton. I turned around and there Sharon was. I decided to take the plunge:

Me: Sharon, is there any more orange juice in the house?
(Sharon takes the carton out of my hand and peeks her eye into the whole.)
Sharon: This isn’t enough for you?
Me: Nahh, I’m pretty thirsty, nothing like a good cup of OJ at 9:30 at night.
Sharon smiles and walks into the storage room returning 30 seconds later with a brand new carton of orange juice. She hands it over to me and asks: So when’s the party?

I couldn’t believe my ears. There it was. Public acknowledgment of her not giving a sh*t about what we do. I almost invited Sharon upstairs to pregame with us but decided that might have been a little too much.


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See ya

Things I will not miss after I move out of this house in one week:

  • cold showers after 8 PM
  • paying 5 dollars every time I do laundry in the house I already pay to live in
  • sleeping in bunk beds
  • being forced to eat dinner at EXACTLY 5:30 (there’s not a morsal left to be found after 5:49)
  • the worst Internet connection that has every existed
  • living in a room with 3 other girls

Peace OUT!

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Drama, drama, drama…always.

No, I’m kidding. There isn’t ALWAYS drama in the sorority house (as one would probably expect in a house of 65 girls). But every now and then, our Sunday chapter will result in uproar and chaos when something awesomely dramatic (and usually completely insignificant) happens.

So I’m not sure which of you have caught on yet, but in case you haven’t, my sorority house is a “Jewish House.” We were founded by six Jewish women and are the only sorority house that is nationally recognized as being affiliated with Judaism. THIS IS NOT TO SAY that we are exclusively Jewish!!!! We do not turn any girl away who is interested in the house based on her religion. But it is to say that the house is predominantly made up of Jewish girls.

Currently, we have a half asian, half Jewish sophomore who lives in the house. So at chapter this past Sunday, she gets up from her seat and says:
“Hey everyone, I have an announcement. What do you guys think about getting a Christmas Tree in the kitchen?”
Hallie (House Manager): Um…what do you think you’re doing Remi?
Remi: I asked our house mom about it. She put up a fight at first, but she said if we vote on it at chapter and I pay for it, we can get one.
Hallie: Well you did NOT run it by me first.

As you may be beginning to sense, this suggestion caused quite the drama. There are plenty of religious girls in the house whose parents would NOT be happy if they knew their daughters were living in a house with a Chirstmas tree. But if it’s important to Remi, how are we supposed to shut her down like that?

So after a lot of whispers and grumbles, we voted. And now, we currently have a Christmas tree in the house. Additionally, our Christmas tree has Jewish Stars all over it (?). I’m not so sure how I feel about THAT part about it, but at least it’s pretty to look at…

Merry Mazel Tov and Happy Chrismukkah everyone!

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Peking House

This past weekend, my sorority had its semi-formal. We had it at a venue called “Peking House” in Royal Oak, Michigan. Every year, we have one date party at this venue because it is ALWAYS a good time. It’s pretty much a Chinese restaurant, filled with a Chinese staff who has no qualms with serving lots of alcohol to under-age kids. There’s a dance floor and a great DJ, and I would say it resembles a pretty typical bar mitzvah. The boys who attend as dates LOVE it for the excellent Chinese food, and most of the girls pretend this isn’t the reason they’ve agreed to accompany them for the night.

Besides the few pukers who got sent home in cabs and one girl punching another girl for talking to her date, I would say the night was a success.

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PostSecret Comes To Ann Arbor

Last night, I attended Frank Warren’s show at the Michigan Theater. Frank Warren is the original creator of PostSecret, a blog that I follow religiously. PostSecret is an “ongoing community art project where people mail in their secrets anonymously on one side of a postcard.” Every Sunday, the blog is updated with new secrets, displaying postcards with the illustrations and words that the authors choose to use.

His show was extremely moving. He had a brief presentation talking about how PostSecret started, what it has become since its orginal creation, and talked about some of his favorite postcards he has received. At the end, he set up microphones in the audience and anyone who wanted to was able to share their secrets with the audience.

To my surprise, the line for the microphones backed up far into the isles and before I knew it, strangers were opening up to a theater full of people they’ve never seen or met before. It’s one thing to send in a secret anonymously, but these caragious people’s faces and voices were being seen and heard by everyone listening to their secret.

I bought Frank Warren’s new book, “PostSecret- Confessions on Life, Death, and God,” and spent the day reading the archives of past postcards. By the end, I had about 20 secrets of my own that I contemplated sending in.

PostSecret: Confessions on Life, Death and God from Frank Warren on Vimeo.

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750 dollars to a dinner of your choice?

Nationals is giving the outgoing E-board 750 dollars to take ourselves out to dinner “in honor of our hard-work and achievements over the past year.” Averaging at 62 dollars a person for the 12 of us seems excessively generous to me, but I am certainly not complaining.

As of now, on the table, we have:

Gandy Dancer

The Earle


Pacific Rim.

I’ve been to all of these places and am thinking we can do better…any suggestions?

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College Rankings

I recently came across a website called “college prowler” that helps prospective college students determine what the best suited college is for them. It ranks many different aspects of college life, such as: academics, athletics, campus dining, campus housing, nightlife, and weather. One of the categories is Greek Life, and the description for their basis of determining which college is ranked higher in terms of Greek Life is the following:

Making the grade: A high grade in Greek Life indicates that sororities and fraternities are not only present but active on campus. Other determining factors include the variety of houses available and the respect the Greek community receives from the rest of the campus.

Because so much of Greek Life is subjective (at least to me), I’m wondering what you guys think about these rankings, based on what you know about different schools, and what you think the site considers qualified to fit their criteria for a highly ranked house.


…in case you were wondering, Michigan was given a “B” letter grade on this ranking scale.

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Sorority Family vs. The Real Deal

So every year for Thanksgiving, my entire family goes to a resort in New York for the Thursday through Sunday weekend. By entire family, I mean the following: Napi and Nami (my grandpa and grandma), their five children (my dad being the oldest), and each of their three children, in addition to Napi’s sister, her three kids, and each of their three kids. Now I know my sorority is meant to be like a family and my friends are referred to as my “sisters,” but there is NOTHING like the real deal that I’m surrounded with every Thanksgiving, Passover, and Bar/ Bat Mitzvah. It is GOOD to be here- away from everything else at school-dance parties in the hotel pub till midnight, 30 person wallyball games (different from volleyball), and laughing till no avail.

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Happy Thanksgiving!

This Thanksgiving I am thankful for…

being home and with my family. Seriously, this break couldn’t have come at a better time. I’ve been so overwhelmingly stressed at school, getting a break from it and from my sorority feels great. It’s nice to be home and pampered by my mother with baked goods and home-cooked meals…far better than the Thanskgiving dinner my sorority fed us LAST Thursday. Anyways, I hope you all have a fabulous Thanksgiving!

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Sorority Row

Did anyone see the movie Sorority Row? Check out the trailer…I never saw it but it literally looks like the creepiest movie ever, and makes sororities look they’re comprised of idiot girls who like to pull idiot pranks on each other…

We don’t all enjoy killing our friends, I’ll have you know. eeeeeeek!

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